We set out in 2011 to carry the story of wood, which has been going on for centuries and has taken different forms as time goes on, to your homes. In the sector, where we took our first steps with the production of wooden composite deck, door and skirting, we are actively exporting to 25 countries with a total of 600 employees. 18,000 square meters factory in Turkey, as well as the production we did in Algeria we are making have a say in local and international markets.

We work with great devotion at every stage of the production and marketing process, we expand our production range day by day. With our wide product range, we carry out the production and marketing of skirting, deck, pvc sheet and composite prefabricated, besides the door types, we continue our work with pleasure, start and with great love with our understanding of “being a regional power” and our understanding of customer satisfaction.


Founded in 2011, Erdoor in Hatay, and interior wood composite deck with a wide range of products and production space door is one of Turkey’s leading companies specializing in the production of these products.

DECKER continues its production in our 18,000 square meter facility equipped with modern technologies. Our company aims to maximize production efficiency by using construction machines with advanced technologies in line with the capacity increase. Our company differs from similar organizations in terms of the design and product aesthetics, ease of use and safety of our products with great care, use of first quality materials at every point of production, working with highly qualified engineers and experts in their fields. Thanks to these features and our quality policy, we have the necessary qualification documents from important quality standards.

We also have documents according to the quality standards of the countries we export to. In addition to manufacturing, our ability to create our own product designs, our prototype and pilot production practices, our on-line and off-line quality control systems, and our continuous market research in the diagnosis of all these are among the main factors for our company to be successful in the international market.

One of the most important factors for our company to reach its vision of being a leading company in international markets; We know that it is to ensure the continuous development of our employees, who constantly review their business and seek new and better ways, so that we should progress rapidly to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by offering products and services of universal quality and standards, which is one of our most important goals.

Thanks to our company’s continuous development policy, besides being one of the leading local market manufacturers, we export our products to the Middle East Countries, North Africa, Europe and the Gulf countries and maintain our successful commercial relations based on mutual satisfaction with our customers.

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